How to Grow Grass in a Chicken Pen


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How to Grow Grass in a Chicken Pen

When it comes to chickens, they can be very destructive. They love to scratch the ground with their feet and destroy anything growing in the process. That is why it is hard to find grass growing inside of a stationary chicken pen. In this video, we show you how to grow grass easily inside of a chicken pen.
If you are not able to free range your chickens, then having grass for them to eat inside of your pen is needed. The chickens can gain nutrients and protein from a grassy area, so it is important.
For this build you will need some 2X4s, but they do not have to be new. I am using some that I removed from an old playground recently. You will also need some chicken wire, some nails, a hammer, a saw, and some grass seed.
You can choose any dimensions you would like, but I am building a 2' by 2' design for my pen. Now cut your wood to create a box shape and secure it together using the nails making sure the 2X4s are standing on edge. This will give the grass about 4" of growth before they are plucked.
Now cover only one side of the box with chicken wire. And then repeat that step again on the same side except turn the wire 90 degrees. By having a double layer of chicken wire creates smaller holes for the chickens to reach into. This gives the grass more growing time before it is attacked. Also the double layer adds strength to the box as the chickens will eventually walk across it.
Now you can add some of your grass seed to the soil and place the box over the area.
With this design the grass should be able to recover from the chicken needs and continue to grow all year long. And as the grass grows, it should attract insects which the chickens will also love to eat.

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