Earning $5.6K a Month: Front Yard Market Farming (1Yr. Update) w/ Jim Kovaleski

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This nomadic market gardener has created a life of joy & purpose, influencing an entire community of growers throughout the Tampa Bay area, all while making an income to meet his own needs. Jim has been a pivotal role model of ours since 2011, not long after we first began to grow food. We can genuinely say that he was a significant catalyst for change in our lives & we owe the foundation of our success to Jim's influence.

If you missed our previous series with Jim or want to learn more about our online course with Jim, here's our links:


Full Playlist With Jim Kovaleski - https://bit.ly/2Lds1Uv
If you missed the last few videos with Jim - you can find them here:
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We have condensed down countless hours of footage to create a 10-hour video course featuring 6 Modules & 68 Lessons:
Grass-Fed Vegetables
Apples, Blueberries, Raspberries & Many More Cold Climate Fruits
The Art of the Scythe: Everything You Need to Know
Annual & Perennial Polycultures
Planting Grids for Esthetics + Intensive Planting
Tangible Planning & Site Analysis
Challenging Permaculture Technique
Land Connections & Observation
Hugelkultur vs. Hugeleski?
Seeds & Starts: Suggested Varieties
Soil Blocks 101: Step-by-Step, Unique Ingredients, Planting Instructions & More Tips
Crop Circle Squash & Other Unique Methods for Growing Potatoes, Melons, Garlic & Onions
Books & Resources
Specialty Equipment & Tools That Work Forever
Harvesting & Market Preparation
Connecting to the Community & The Land
Journal & Record Keeping
Farmers' Market Display Tips & Packaging Concepts

Each year in late spring, Jim travels up to a little town just outside Eastport, Maine, to grow the most delicious, clean & vibrant food you can find. Then in early fall, he packs up & heads down to Florida to repeat the same plan.

Jim does not follow the rules, He creates his own evolving adaptations; a mixture of pure refined classic agriculture (the scythe), techniques passed along by elder growers, elements from books that have proven their worth & the intrinsic download from living with the land & slowing down enough to read it's own suggestions.

He is able to make an honest living doing this very thing he loves so much. His days bring him joy, purpose, connection & peace. The insights & techniques he has collected are invaluable. He plants, harvests, preps & markets in a way that naturally flows & the whole natural farming process is just waiting to be shared with you.

We have been to visit Jim before, but had never been able to come during the best & most productive time of the year for Jim. Everything is growing, blooming, ripening & the scenery around his camp is pure magic.

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